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Ceremonial Cacao Dosage

"How many grams of Ceremonial Cacao should I consume? How much is too much?! What is the right amount for me? What happens if I take too much?"

Only you can answer these questions, but I'll happily share a little bit of advice based on my own experience. It is important to acknowledge that there is no 'one size fits all'; every body & every mind is beautifully unique.

If you are new to Ceremonial Cacao, I recommend starting with a lighter dose ~ approximately 10g of Ceremonial Cacao, and see how you feel. If you feel like increasing this dose, take it slow and try an extra 5g per day. Observe how you feel emotionally and physically during the day, and take notes!

Your desired dose may change day-to-day. If I have a Cacao in the evening, when I go out for example and want a little energy boost that won't keep me up all night, I like to take around 10-15g.

After consuming Ceremonial Cacao, it may take up to 30-60 minutes to feel an affect. As you sip your cup of cacao, practice mindfulness and set an intention. A simple intention could be:
“May I be open to receive the gifts that this Cacao brings to my day, and integrate the lessons with Love and an open heart.”

Take this article as a guide only ~ every body is unique, every cacao is unique! Wild Craft Cacao is handcrafted with care to retain maximum medicinal benefits and preserve the beneficial compounds within the Cacao.

Dosage guide:

5-10g ~ you may feel a light energy, and embrace feelings of calm. This dose could be a beautiful addition to a self-care evening ritual, during quiet creativity/journaling, before or after a gentle meditation/stretching.

• 20g ~ an uplifting and motivating energy. This dose gets the body ready for movement; weather that’s a yoga flow, digging in the garden or being mum/dad for the day! I love a 20g dose; the flavour of my cacao is rich, I embrace the boost of energy. It lasts me all day, yet fades in perfect timing for winding down in the evening.

• 30g ~ Making time for intention setting, conscious daily practices and reflection is important with higher doses. For some, 30g may be a good go-to dose for their daily Cacao, and for others it’s more of a chance to really be mindful, do some inner work and be intentional during the first couple of hours following your Cacao.

• 40-45g ~ Ceremonial dose. I recommend taking this dose only when you have time to really go inwards, reflect, meditate and plan to consciously integrate any messages or visions that come through. When in Ceremony, by yourself or within a group, it is a time to be open to healing, growth and feeling what comes up with an open heart and mind. So, prepare your space, yourself and your Cacao with Love, openness and gratitude.


As always ~ be open and allow the heart-opening properties of the Cacao to do her Magic, and lean into the wisdom that is within you!


My favourite dose most mornings is 20g ~ although to some this may be too strong! I feel that this carries me through the day, I feel balanced and energised, yet grounded and calm.

I would not recommend exceeding 45g in a dose. Taking too much, approaching 60g can be a hazard to our health. Taking more than you feel comfortable with or ready for could bring undesired feelings - such as agitation, restlessness or bring up anger (which may also the medicine of cacao doing its thing!). It's important to go slow, listen to your body and tune into how you are feeling on the day.

A 'Ceremonial' dose may be up to 40-45g. I personally do not take this dose lightly. I prepare myself both energetically and emotionally if I plan to hold a Cacao Ceremony for myself or others. A lighter dose could be the perfect amount for you during the day, or in Ceremony.

The right dose can bring many benefits to your day ~ it can act as a support through tough times, bring extra energy for a busy day or center you when you need it.

Intention is an integral part of your Ceremonial Cacao experience.

Cacao truly embodies the term "quality over quantity".

"Trust and know, that it's not about 'how many grams' of Cacao you consume. Cacao will naturally and intuitively dance within your body and mind, to provide the Medicine you need."

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