Our story

We are a family run, heart-led team, passionate about pure food, health and wellness.

Wild Craft was born from a shared vision, to create premium quality products using plants that benefit our body, mind & soul.

In 2019, we began crafting Ceremonial grade Cacao from single origin Cacao Beans. It has been a beautiful journey. Along the way, we have learnt so much about this incredible plant ~ Theobroma Cacao. Our connection with Cacao continues to evolve & deepen.

The very first product we made was a block of chocolate! We used Cacao Beans sourced from Solomon Islands. The divine flavour notes and rich taste blew our minds..! It was incredible to make chocolate from bean to bar ~ to connect with this incredible plant and to truly experience the difference it makes when you craft Chocolate from the start of the process.

Our passion for Cacao became even more profound when we began stone grinding our own Ceremonial grade Cacao. Along the way, we studied the plants chemical composition, and learned so much about the health benefits of this amazing food! We experienced the heart-opening properties and uplifting energy that was brought into our life, and fell in love with Cacao.

Incorporating Ceremonial Cacao into our life has been wonderful. In the midst of raising two little ones and striving to living a self-sufficient & conscious lifestyle; Cacao grounds us, supports us and nourishes us. For this, we are incredible grateful.

We are so proud to create a premium quality Ceremonial grade Cacao, made with pure Love, care and intention.

With Gratitude,
from our family to yours.
Paula & Sepp