What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Health Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao
~ Mood balancing & elevating
~ Supports cardiovascular health
~ High in essential Iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium
~ packed with antioxidants & flavonoids
~ Increases mental clarity & focus


The term 'Ceremonial Cacao' is the name given to define this unique product, made from the ground beans of the Theobroma Cacao tree. It is inspired by an ancient medicine, one that has been used traditionally by indigenous Mayan & Aztec cultures for centuries. There are several important factors that make Cacao of "ceremonial grade":

- it is important the the Cacao is grown within it's native environment, using natural & organic farming techniques.
- the beans must be ethically sourced & fairly traded.
- the cacao is of a heirloom &/or natural variety (no GMO/hybrid variants.)
- the cacao must be minimally processed (no cacao butter removed, as it is with cacao powder and many 'cacao pastes' on the market today)
- the cacao is not over-roasted (as it is with 'cocoa')
- the cacao must be made with intention and respect for this plant medicine.
- the cacao is processed in small batches, using quality equipment.

What is the difference between Ceremonial Cacao and other Cacao products (eg. cacao powder, cocoa)?

Ceremonial grade cacao is made from the whole Cacao Bean. It is harvested, fermented, sun dried and then stone ground by us, in Australia. A Cacao Bean is composed of roughly 50% cacao butter & 50% cacao solids. Ceremonial Cacao is made from 100% cacao bean; nothing added or removed.
In contrast, cacao powder/cocoa are the product of heating, separating & removing the cacao butter from the cacao bean, leaving only the cacao solids which are then processed into a powder.

Ceremonial Cacao is so healthy because it is minimally processed, it has nothing added or removed, and is made from the whole bean.

Ceremonial cacao should always be organic, ethically sourced, minimally processed & made from the whole bean. It should also be made from a natural and heirloom variety of Theobroma Cacao.

We undertake a 'Mineral & Metals' test to ensure that this Cacao is safe to consume ~ it has always shown no traces of Lead, and below the maximum safe levels of Cadmium. (Cadmium is often associated with Cacao that grows in Volcanic regions; traces of this element are taken up by the plants roots from the soil).

More about Ceremonial Cacao:
Ceremonial Cacao is high in Antioxidants, flavonoids & contains a high quantity of beneficial compounds such as theobromine, serotonin, proanthocyanin, anandamine, methylxanthines, tryptophan, phenylethylamine. These compounds generate a heart-warming, loving sensation, and are known to be consciousness-altering.

When prepared & consumed consciously, ceremonial cacao aids in meditation, adds another layer to sacred Ceremony. Ceremonial Cacao can provide a gentle source of energy, while bringing an uplifting feeling & enhancing mood.