Ethically Sourced Peruvian Cacao Beans

Our core values include sourcing Cacao Beans that are ethical, fairly traded & sustainably grown.

These values have led us to the incredible Cacao we use today ~ sourced ethically & grown organically within their native environment in Peru.
We are so grateful to source our cacao beans from a co-op of small scale cacao growers and family run farms. Those involved in the growing, harvesting and processing of the beans use sustainable agricultural techniques, to protect the balance of ecosystems and bring us a premium quality product.

All of the cacao beans source to make Wild Craft Cacao are certified organic, certified fair trade, and we are provided with traceable and reliable resources to assure an ethical sourcing of Theobroma Cacao.

So, what happens to the Cacao Beans before they are sent to us?

The Cacao beans are grown & harvested in Peru. Right after harvesting, the beans are removed from the pod, and fermented using traditional techniques for up to a week. This process of fermenting develops flavour and matures the bean. Once fermentation is complete, the beans are ready for sun drying. The beans are sun dried until the desited moisture content is reached. Finally, once the beans are winnowed, broken into fragments and husks removed, they are ready to be made into Ceremonial Cacao!