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Wild Craft Tasmania

Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao

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At Wild Craft, we stone grind Organic, single origin & ethically sourced Cacao Beans in small batches, to bring you an incredibly smooth, nourishing & delicious Ceremonial grade Cacao.

The heirloom Theobroma Cacao trees grow bio-dynamically within their native environment in Peru. The Cacao Pods are traditionally and sustainably harvested, before the beans are fermented and sun-dried, by a co-op of Indigenous Peruvian Cacao farmers. These premium-quality Cacao beans are then stone ground by us, to bring you a Ceremonial Cacao that is medicinally potent, fresh and handcrafted with Love..

We are proud to create this truly divine Ceremonial grade Cacao for you to enjoy.

With Love & Gratitude,
Paula & Sepp

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Thorp

One of the most delicious brands of cacao I have tried. I really enjoy having the block and shaving off cacao as needed. It’s incredibly rich while providing all the yummy benefits of cacao. The packaging was beautifully presented and shows absolute pride in the product. THANK YOU!

Worth the hunt

After having to hunt down my parcel from a neighbors place, (due to an incorrect address on parcel) I was well and truly delighted to taste the exquisite flavor of smooth and satisfyingly delicious cocoa. Will be recommending to all my friends. Worth the awkward encounter of meeting new neighbors.


The packaging was so Beautifully done and created with love. The ceremonial cacao tasted heavenly. Rich,
Creamy and smooth. I’d say it’s my favourite Cacao I’ve tried. Opens your heart. I cannot recommend highly enough. I will definitely be purchasing again from Wild Craft Tasmania. I love that they are also a small family business.

David Ackerman
Wonderful Cacao 💗

I really love Wild Craft Cacao. I incorporate cacao into my Breath work journeys and I find that this particular cacao opens up whole new depths and dimensions to the experience.
Also it tastes great! ❤️

Gail Fazackerley
A special treat ĵ Dr

Our indulgent treat wonderfully rich and unique.
The best cocoa we have tasted
As Molly would say do yourself a favour