Ceremonial Cacao ~ Stone ground, right here in Australia!

We are proud to handcraft this premium quality Ceremonial grade Cacao ourselves from ethically sourced heirloom Cacao Beans.

Our mission is to bring you a product that is fresh, smooth and delicious. We are grateful to work with this heart-opening plant medicine ~ and we do so with love and intention. We truly believe that the energy of the final product is a reflection of where the plant has been; from the growing, right through to the making and packing.

The Cacao Beans are gently & slowly stone ground; bringing the cacao from fragmented bean, to a smooth, velvety 'paste'. This retains maximum nutritional & medicinal value while creating a final product that is delicious & pure.

We stone grind the Peruvian Cacao Beans in our solar-powered Cacao Studio, surrounded by the pristine Tassie bush. It is our passion to make the most incredible Ceremonial Grade Cacao, right here in Tasmania!

Why is the 'stone grinding' a vitally important part of the making process?
Quality & freshness is everything ~ you will taste & feel the difference!

Small handmade batches + quality equipment + pure making process = freshly ground Ceremonial grade Cacao, going directly from us, to you.

It is important to share that we do not import the bulk made paste from overseas. The quality of what we craft is reflected in the final product; the smooth texture, rich taste and freshness of the block.