Premium quality, Ethically sourced, Australian made.

At Wild Craft, it is our priority to create a truly delicious, ethical & pure Ceremonial grade Cacao, while preserving the abundant health benefits of this wonderful, heart-opening plant.

Every block of Ceremonial Cacao has been stone ground in small batches by us, in Tasmania, Australia. Handcrafted with intention and care, from 100% heirloom, organic & ethically sourced Peruvian Cacao beans.

Wild Craft Cacao

We are a family run, heart-led business, passionate about quality food, health and wellness.

In 2019, Sepp & I began crafting Ceremonial grade Cacao from single origin Cacao Beans. It has been a beautiful journey. Along the way, we have learnt so much about this incredible plant ~ Theobroma Cacao. Our connection with Cacao continues to evolve & deepen.

We are so proud to create a premium quality Ceremonial grade Cacao, made with pure Love, care and intention.

With Gratitude,
from our family to yours.
Paula & Sepp


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My daily dose of Magic

"This cacao is the most decadent, delicious cacao I have ever experienced. Every single day when I make my cacao, it is me time. I make it slowly, I make it intentionally and I sip it with so much gratitude.
This plant medicine is truly divine.
If you’re looking for the best cacao, add it to your cart right now! ♥"

~ Tan on Jul 17, 2023

Ceremonial Cacao

Australia's freshest Ceremonial Cacao

We are proud to provide the freshest Ceremonial grade Cacao in Australia. Since the beginning, we have stone-ground premium quality Cacao Beans in small batches, to bring you a final product that is absolutely divine & delicious. We are committed to continuing to handcraft the smoothest & purest Ceremonial grade Cacao available.

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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

'Ceremonial grade Cacao' is unique. It is incredibly nutritious and well known for its abundance of health-promoting properties.
It is different to Cacao powder, cocoa and most other Cacao products on the market...

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