Premium quality, Ethically sourced, Australian made.

At Wild Craft, we are honoured to handcraft a truly delicious, ethical & pure Ceremonial grade Cacao, while preserving the rich health benefits of this extraordinary and heart-opening plant.

Each block of Ceremonial Cacao is stone-ground in small batches, right here in Tasmania, Australia. Wild Craft Cacao is handcrafted with intention and care, from 100% heirloom, organic & ethically sourced Peruvian Cacao beans.

About Wild Craft Cacao

Our journey began in 2019 when Sepp and I first received a hessian bag full of whole Cacao Beans. We handcrafted our first batch of bean-to-bar chocolate, and shortly after made our first blocks of Ceremonial grade Cacao.

From the start, it has been clear that handcrafting this medicine in small, fresh batches creates a product that is unbeatable in flavour, potency and energetic quality.

Along the way, we have delved into the depths of this plant medicine, and experienced first hand the gifts which Cacao brings. Our connection with Cacao and knowledge about this incredible plant continues to grow and deepen.

With many small steps, a lot of Love, trust and energy, and support from the Cacao Community, Wild Craft has bloomed ~ organically and authentically.

We are proud to produce this premium-quality Ceremonial Cacao; infused with pure love, care and intention.

With Gratitude, from our family to yours.
Paula & Sepp


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My daily dose of Magic

"This cacao is the most decadent, delicious cacao I have ever experienced. Every single day when I make my cacao, it is me time. I make it slowly, I make it intentionally and I sip it with so much gratitude.
This plant medicine is truly divine.
If you’re looking for the best cacao, add it to your cart right now! ♥"

~ Tan on Jul 17, 2023

Ceremonial Cacao

Experience Australia's Finest and Freshest Ceremonial Cacao

We are dedicated to offering the freshest Ceremonial grade Cacao in Australia. Our process involves stone-grinding premium quality Cacao Beans in small batches, resulting in a divine & delicious final product. Our commitment is to handcraft the purest Ceremonial grade Cacao, with Love and Intention.

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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

'Ceremonial grade Cacao' is unique. It is incredibly nutritious and well known for its abundance of health-promoting properties. It is made from the Whole Cacao Bean, that is of premium quality, making it very different to Cacao powder, 'cocoa' and most other Cacao products on the market...

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